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freemarketsfreepeople asked: What are your grounds for moral judgments? You make a lot of objective moral arguments for anarchism, but you're also an outspoken atheist. Atheism cannot sufficiently account for objective moral values, so I'm very curious as to how you justify this. This is coming from an ancap, btw.


Why can’t atheists account for objective morality?  I don’t understand how you reached that premise? 

I don’t need the Flying Spaghetti Monster to tell me that I shouldn’t rape, murder, and steal.  It is self evident that I shouldn’t rape, murder, and steal. 

Objective morality comes from the self evident fact that we own our bodies.  Whether you want to call it self or body ownership, I prefer body ownership but that’s just semantics.  If we then own our bodies we own our property with complete use and control of both person and property. 

"The property right in one’s own body must be said to be justified a priori, for anyone who would try to justify any norm whatsoever would already have to presuppose the exclusive right to control over his body as a valid norm simply in order to say “I propose such in such.” -Hans-Hermann Hoppe

"Faith is a synonym for Error. Just as god is a synonym for that which does not exist." -Stefan Molyneux

This particular justification for self ownership is really just a perversion of the property idea. Hoppe and others argue that if you do not own yourself then it is impossible to “utilize yourself” to disclaim the principle of self ownership. Although, in reality, it is in fact very possible to rent, borrow or steal objects. In all of those cases you’re using the object without actually owning it.

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